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Getting finance can be tough. Finding the right loan or the right finance product to suit your needs and requirements can be confusing and stressful. Let’s face it, there are hundreds of lenders and thousands of loan options out there to choose from and they change every day! Even seasoned finance professionals with many years experience struggle to keep up with these constant changes.

So how do you know what is right for you? Do you have the right loan at the moment? Are you getting the best finance rate? Can you do any better? Is your current loan product offering you enough options or the right type of options?

Questions just like these and more need to be asked to analyse your personal circumstances, preferences and options. Because the truth is that without expert knowledge and know-how you will most likely miss out on features, advantages and benefits that could improve your current situation.

Our finance specialists can do a finance stress test, a home loan checkup and analyse the condition of your finances by asking important questions and comparing your needs and requirements with over 50 lenders who offer hundreds of loan products with varying options. So let us show you what a stress free finance experience feels like. We work for you and more than fifty percent of Australian borrowers use a finance specialist these days because it pays to shop around. Put us to the test today.

Need a finance quote, want to ask us a question or like to talk to someone in person? Call Us Now on 1300 767 433 for more information or go to our Contact page.


Great Rates, Fast Approvals, Dozens of Options, Stress Free.

Sedans, 4WD's, Utes, Vans, Luxury Cars, Private Sales

At Finance Stress Free we can arrange finance quotes, source you a vehicle, take your application over the phone, safety checks and vehicle inspections.


Great Rates, Fast Approvals, Over 30 lenders, Stress Free.

Purchases, Refinancing, Equity Release, Renos

At Finance Stress Free we can take your application over the phone or meet with you in person to discuss your home lending requirements. We’ll find The Right Loan for You.


Great Rates, Fast Approvals, Dozens of Options, Stress Free.

Boats, Tinnies, Jet Skis, Yachts, Pleasure Craft & Houseboats

Finance Stress Free can arrange a finance quote, help source a vessel, take a phone application, free valuations, safety checks and vessel inspections.


Great Rates, Fast Approvals, Dozens of Options, Stress Free.

Debtor Finance, Cashflow Finance, Secured Loans

Finance Stress Free can arrange finance for your business to: Payout ATO Debts, refit your office, provide cash to purchase more stock and any worthwhile business purpose.

Business Loans For Any Worthwhile Purpose

Secured and Unsecured to assist businesses with outstanding tax debt, distressed mortgages, purchase stock, refit or upgrade premises, buyout a partner or refinance your business premises loan at great rates.
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Looking to buy your dream home? Are you paying too much on your current home loan or investment loan? We have access to great rates and awesome lenders so why not apply for a Stress Free Finance home loan today?
These days where would we be without a car? They give us status, they give us independence and they give us autonomy. But no car and life can be tough. How would you like to apply for a Stress Free Finance car loan?
Why in the world would you possibly want a boat? Why not! We live on an island people, a big beautiful island! Fishing, cruising, taking in the salt air. How would you like to apply for a Stress Free Finance boat loan?
Can you imagine yourself out on the open road maybe in the countryside, maybe in a rainforest or out biking with friends for the day. Get the wind in your hair and apply for a Stress Free Finance bike loan.
Has your truck bit the biscuit? Is the old rig getting a bit long in the tooth. If you want to hit the road in a shiny new rig for those long boring trips in comfort you need to apply for a Stress Free Finance Truck Loan.
Is your business stifled for cashflow? Are you struggling to keep the bills and wages paid? You need a Stress Free Finance fast business loan to inject some capital into your pride and joy. Ask us about Business Loan today.

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